The "stylistic code" of this place is outlined above all by the location: a characteristic building inside the nightlife district of Milan. Right from the entrance you can feel the refinement and taste for design that Gamba enriches with a Beige Lino-colored tablecloth.  The various shapes of tablecloths, square, rectangular and round, make the environment even more harmonious and welcoming. Gamba Manifatture has always given unique and avant-garde shapes and colors to every fabric; just like the Daniel Restaurant where his story is perceptible at every course. The great Chef, Daniel Canzian, created his personal kingdom after the growth at the court of Maestro Marchesi.

Gamba and Ristorante Daniel run towards the same direction ... they live in the present, making every minute exclusive, preciously preserving their past, always looking towards the future.


"Beyond the woods, the famous surviving temples stood on the long ridge
that seemed to be placed on purpose, at a distance to increase the marvelous sight of the princely villa ... "Luigi Pirandello.

Great collaboration with Gamba 1918 with the supply of personalized Sponge and elegant tablecloth suitable for receptions


In 2016 the Italian region Marche still stand out with the bandierablu, thanks to their sea of excellence. The Nautilus Family Hotel, located a stone's throw from the beach, offers its guests a unique sea view in the world: where the sun rises, making the water crystal clear and set behind the spectacular SanBartolo hills. The Hotel Nautilus, the tallest wooden structure in Europe, is a combination of simplicity and elegance ... characteristics that the Gamba company has expanded through its supplies.


Aux Pieds du Roi: a bio-architecture project that combines modern design with cutting-edge green technologies. Surrounded by the imposing embrace of the Alps and unspoiled nature, the structure is based on a concept of ecological living, able to meet the needs of the present and the future, enhancing the territory and producing the least possible amount of emissions


The new VIU Milan Hotel opens in Milan. The rooms and suites have been realized with custom-made furnishings characterized by a palette of delicate colors and completed by a careful selection of works of art. The only hotel in Milan with an outdoor swimming pool with a 360 ° view of the city skyline, to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Gamba 1918 adds beauty to the hotel, with simplicity and elegance.

"Create your style, let it be unique and immediately recognizable" A. Wintour