The best yarns of the textile tradition intertwine in our precious velvet fabrics.
Luxury accessories add a warm touch to every environment ensuring optimal comfort.

Art. 9538Art. 9537Art. 9541

Class 1 Flame resistant
weight: 350 gr/sqm
height:  280 cm (except Art. 9541: 140 cm)
different colours: n.5
fabric composition:
64% PFR CS – 36% PL
Art. 9541: 55% VI – 30% PFR – 15% PL

Art. 9537Art. 9535Art. 9533Art. 9534Art. 9538Art. 9537Art. 9541Art. 9541
Art. 9541Art. 9541Art. 9537Art. 9534Art. 9541Art. 9533
Art. 9541Art. 9537Art. 9533
Art. 9533Art. 9541

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